Our History

SUPERKILL Pest Management Services was founded in late 1994 and commenced its operation April the following year. In September of 2000, the Company changed its name to SUPERKILL Pest Management Sdn. Bhd.

SUPERKILL is headquartered in Selangor with branches in Kedah, Penang, Perak, and Sabah.

people walking on pathway near buildings and different vehicles on road under white and gray sky during daytime

Our Mission

We believe that as responsible corporate citizens, our first priority in the communities in which we operate must always be to contribute towards the continued improvement of hygiene standards while safeguarding our environment. 

As pest control specialists, we believe that pesticides should only be used as a second line of defense because of the corrosive nature of chemicals. We recognize that this is unavoidable in some cases but our first course of action is always to pursue non-chemical routes.

At SUPERKILL, we enrich the lives of the people by providing the highest level of professional services, producing only the highest quality products and materials for innovative solutions to environmental sanitation and health. Our reputation for technology, innovation, reliability, and most importantly, customer satisfaction, is renown in Malaysia.